Tiffany: It’s nice of you to buy this Halloween cake for me. It’s so thoughtful.

Yukari: Well, you’re so far from home. I thought you would feel sad that you were missing Halloween in the U.S.

Tiffany: I do miss Halloween, but on the other hand there are no witches in Japan so I don’t need to be afraid. (laughs) Well, the cake was delicious. Thank you! Let me take your plate.

Yukari (voiceover): How pretty her blonde hair is! ( Her pretty (blue/green/grey/brown) eyes. Those sweet lips! Oh. I love foreign girls! Japanese girls are pretty, but all my life I’ve dreamed about a blonde girl. They’re something special. And especially how can I resist that bottom! But I’m so ashamed to have such thoughts. I have a daughter the same age as her. Is someone now looking at her bottom with lust? I wish it were true that I was being kind to her, but I have a terrible plan. I must take the chance! It’s evil, but I can’t resist!

Tiffany: This has been a wonderful homestay. I’ve really learned about Japan and Japanese people. I will be sorry to leave.

Yukari: No problem. You’ve been the perfect guest. Tell me, what do you do in America at Halloween?

Tiffany: The best thing is ‘trick or treat’. Little kids dress up in scary costumes and knock on the neighbors’ doors and shout ‘trick or treat!’ Then they get candy. It’s really fun.

Yukari: Of course, we have our own Japanese Halloween custom.

Tiffany: Really? I thought you didn’t have Halloween here.

Yukari: Yes, it’s a very old custom. Do you know ‘janken’? It’s where we each make the sign of a stone, or paper, or scissors. If you make ‘paper’ and I make ‘scissors’ then I win.

Tiffany: Oh, I know, we call it ‘rock, paper, scissors’. But I didn’t know it was a Halloween custom.

Yukari: Yes, we play it in a special way in Japan. Let’s try. I say ‘janken pon’ and then we do it.

Tiffany: OK. Let’s play.

Yukari: Oh you win! Well done.

Tiffany: But how is it different from the American way?

Yukari: It’s the special Japanese Halloween version. You win, so I must take off a piece of my clothing.

Tiffany: I can’t believe it! Is it really an old Japanese custom?

Yukari: Yes. But only at Halloween.

Tiffany: Well, ok. I want to learn about Japan. Anyway, I’m really good at this game, so you will soon be naked! (laughs)

Yukari: Bad luck! The rules say you have to take off a piece of clothing.

Tiffany: Then I’ll take off my witch’s hat (laughs).

Yukari: That’s cheating. You should respect the Japanese tradition.

Yukari: No cheating. This time take off your top.

Yukari: Let’s play again.

Tiffany: I don’t believe it! I lost three times in a row. The only thing I can take off is my jeans. There’s no way I’ll do that!

Yukari: What do you mean? You must! It’s the Japanese tradition.

Tiffany: I don’t care about the tradition. There’s no way I’m going to expose myself to another person in this way.

Yukari: You are just like my daughter. So stubborn. I’ll show you another Japanese tradition for dealing with naughty girls!

Tiffany: What are you doing? Stop this!

Yukari: What a gorgeous bottom! It looks great in jeans, but I think I want to see what’s underneath. I think I’ll do what you should have done before. Stand up!

Yukari: There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Wow! I can’t believe I waited till I was 50 to do this with a foreign girl.

Tiffany: Now I understand! This was a Halloween trick! This isn’t a Japanese custom!

Yukari: Be quiet! You Americans talk too much. Take your punishment silently.

Yukari: Your lovely white ass is becoming red! Tomorrow you will be blue. Red, white and blue – perfect for a rude American girl. Let’s finish the job properly!

Yukari: So beautiful! So round and smooth. I’m glad I’m not wearing a skirt. It’s so nice to feel you against my skin. It’s just as I dreamed. Now I’ll make my dream come true by giving you a good thrashing. You won’t sit down for a week!

Yukari: It’s so red. Much redder than my daughter’s bum used to be.

Yukari: My god, it’s burning! It must sting so much! Time for you to cool off. Stand in the corner!

Yukari: I’m so ashamed. But it was worth every second! Halloween is a great custom!

Tiffany: I love Japan. But I found out that there really are witches in Japan. And they’re dangerous!









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